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Friday, February 26, 2010

Birds of a Feather

I've been working on a game team for CG 350 called Flight. I'm the lead artist, and I think I'm finally comfortable with that position. I've recently come up with a color palette that I've been enforcing on the modelers (Wonjin and John Mark). It's really fun and bright... it's really a nice break from all the stuff I do for projects and portfolio.

I hope you don't mind the silly little scribbles that are the characters. (The creature on the end by the way is a raptor. The programmers were vehement about the raptor, so it's going into the game). The scribbles were just a study of the characters next to each other... and they were pretty loose. For instance, I changed the Ostrich quite a bit because of some complaints that is was "too purple." It seems John Mark and I are the only ones who truly appreciate violet and all its shades. Alas.

CG 350 is the class that I work on the game team in, but we also have extra assignments. We had to create normal and specular maps for the character, in addition to the diffuse. It was quite fun. Most people make self portraits of themselves... so I'm thinking of sculpting a self portrait in Mudbox. But we'll see if I have time.

Here's the Ostrich.

The extra maps aren't going to make it in the game, but I thought I'd show them anyway. It's the first normal map I've ever made, and it's very very simple. Definitely a work in progress.

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