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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Updates on Flight

So, I'm in this CG 350 class where I've been assigned to a game team. I'm doing things I don't normally do (but it definitely puts my education thus far to use).

I fine tuned the Ostrich model, and I even did some bizarre things to it in Mudbox, but I don't think I'll be showing that here, and I put some bones in it and posed it. I don't know how controllers are going to work in the game, so I haven't exactly rigged it. Nathan Ross will be animating it for the game itself.

In the last meeting, we were playing around with the style of the game, and I set some materals to 100% self illumination, and rather liked the result:

By the way; the Kiwi is John Mark's, the Rooster is Wonjin's, and the Penguin is Nathan's.

We'll see if we can attain this "look"

I find it amusing.

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