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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Updates for the sake of it

Fall is here, which means school. Chance of Rain is coming a long smoothly. John Mark is working hard on boob-rigging and the whole team spent two hours yesterday at the mocap studio.

I have to say that Romina is an amazing asset to my team, both as animator and as the choreographer and main dance reference.

I'm currently setting up cameras and scenes and things. Trying to get everything organized so that I can finally start doing what I want to do - FX.

I bought and I found a hosting service, but for now, it'll just be routed here.

I suppose I could upload the working animatic, but it's going through some changes this week, so I'll just upload a few thumbnails I'm doing for a completely unrelated class (concept art), and a walk cycle I did over the weekend.

That, there, is a bunch of compositions for a concept art assignment. It's supposed to be a Musical or Opera poster for a Depressed Transient Devil. Fun assignment.

And this is Fatima walking. It's partly for a sound design assignment, partly because I haven't animated a character traditionally in three years. There are some kinks, but for the most part, I really like it.

and why not, here's the end Animatic for the short. We've changed the jump, but the timing and all is about the same.

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