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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Year

So, this time last year, I was just beginning my summer internship at Digital Kitchen creating assets for logo reveals and TV spots. Mainly, I assisted the designers in viz dev. I learned a lot about design and breaking down my own personal process - using 3D as a means to an end, and not being a slave to one type of work flow.

These were for the Microsoft game studio logo reveal. Just a few roughs in 3D with some bright, fun colors.

These were created for Nickelodeon? I think? I don't even think I remember. It was only part of the 'rough' stage anyhow. I think they went in a less abstract direction.

This was the most heavy-lifting I had done. Each frame is a different model - giving this a sort of stop-motion feel. Sadly, they didn't let any of us in on the real name of the product (Kinect), and because the process was so lengthy, they went with 2D instead.

Here's the final version (completed mostly by Sean Dekkers).

There you have it!

1 comment:

  1. I like the Microsoft game studio icons.
    They should be folder icons.
    That way my computer can look like an alien space ship.